Brooklyn woman says conditions in her NYCHA apartment are unsafe

A Brooklyn woman says living conditions in her NYCHA apartment are unsafe.

News 12 Staff

Aug 17, 2021, 2:30 AM

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A Brooklyn woman says living conditions in her NYCHA apartment are unsafe. 
Tenant Kaylan Gray says leaking water is causing mold to grow and her walls and ceilings to crack. 
“Having to take care of my son, and when he wants me to cook him something, I have to tell him, ‘well, I can’t cook today because it’s leaking or the ceiling might fall. I’m tired,” says Gray. 
She says she’s been dealing with leaking in her Walt Whitman Houses apartment for at least six years.
"I'm scared for my health. We have mold right above our shower, which of course, when it leaks we're getting -- all that mold and stuff is leaking on me and my son's head,” says Gray.
Gray says the water even leaks into her toothbrush holder in the bathroom, and she has buckets filled with water throughout her home to catch the leaks. 
She says when she reaches out to NYCHA to fix the pipe where the water is coming from, they either make temporary fixes or don’t come at all.
"They'll come and instead of fixing it they'll take pictures, they'll take videos and they'll leave and say we'll come back with answers. They never come back. I'm tired of not being heard,” says Gray. 
Gray also says she was told to open her window to let the moisture out but says she can’t because the scaffolding outside her window constantly has trash on it, attracting bugs and mice.
Gray says she is now pleading for help.
A spokesperson from NYCHA responded saying, "NYCHA staff are working to trace the leak and gain access to the units on the line. Plumbers will make repairs when the leak is located and assessed."
Gray says she is just hoping for something to be done so she can live comfortably in her home again.

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