Brooklyn woman says home aide company was inattentive as father died

A Brooklyn woman says she is planning on taking legal action against a home health aide company, saying her 95-year-old father didn’t get adequate care before his death in October.
Liwei Li says a home health aide from Alternate Staffing ignored Guilin Li’s calls for help in his native Mandarin on Oct. 29. He had complained of heart palpitations and not feeling well.
She says a home surveillance video from that day shows the attendant taking her father's oxygen levels, which were dangerously low. Liwei says her father was unresponsive at 3:18 p.m., but the attendant didn’t call her company until 5 p.m. She says she didn’t receive a call about his condition until 6 p.m. She says 911 was never contacted.
By the time Liwei arrived, her father had died.
"His home health aide [was] by his side doing nothing, ignoring everything that he asked for," says Liwei Li.
The New York State Department of Health shows Alternate Staffing doesn't currently have any complaints or inspection issues. Li plans to take legal action against the agency, saying she wants to make sure this doesn't happen to another family.
According to family, the home aide was suspended from working and insurance is investigating the incident. News 12 reached out to Alternate Staffing for a statement.