Bushwick residents: Heavy trash piling up on streets

Brooklyn residents are complaining to city officials about trash buildup congesting streets.
News 12 spoke with a Bushwick resident on the issue plaguing the area.
Christian Cotrina has called Bushwick home since 2008 and runs an Instagram page called "This Bushwick Life."
"I love my neighborhood. I love Bushwick I love what Bushwick has to offer. Why let it go to waste?" Cotrina says.
And waste, he says, is literally the problem.
From Hart Street to Dekalb Avenue to Knickerbocker Avenue, more and more garbage is piling up.
Cotrina says the problem is brought to his attention daily on his Instagram page. People tag him in garbage problems all over the neighborhood. He says he's filed numerous complaints with 311 and reached out to all of the elected officials who represent the neighborhood.
Cotrina says enough is enough, and it's time the garbage got cleaned up once and for all.
News 12 reached out to 311 about this issue for comment, which said it has received at least 40 reports for excess trash on Knickerbocker Avenue alone since April.