Cannabis company helps those with marijuana convictions get criminal record expunged

People who have cannabis charges on their criminal records received a lifeline in Prospect Lefferts Gardens Sunday from a company that now profits from the drug itself.
When New York state first legalized cannabis last year and began to open dispensaries over the last few months, many asked how it would impact the people who still have a criminal record for something that is now legal.
Ayr Wellness, a medical marijuana and cannabis product company, hosted a free clinic to help those with cannabis charges get their records expunged.
According to state law, some past marijuana charges could be automatically expunged once cannabis became legal, while others would still need a court motion.
Ayr Wellness offered free legal services and paired people with lawyers to help submit the paperwork and get the process started, then stay with them throughout it.
Ayr Wellness' head of corporate responsibility and Crown Heights resident Khari Edwards said events like this can lift up communities. He said it can make it easier for those with criminal records to apply for jobs and buy homes once their records are clean.
The event was part of Ayr's "Changing Legacies" program, which hosts clinics like this in all the different states where they have businesses.
Organizers said their goal is to do at least one more clinic in the area before the end of the year.