Cannabis Control Board approves settlement agreements previously stopping dispensaries from opening

Dozens of dispensaries across the city could be one step closer to opening after the New York State Cannabis Control Board approved settlement agreements that were once stopping hundreds of businesses from opening its doors.  
Almost four months ago, a court injunction was in place that prevented hundreds of dispensaries from opening. The Cannabis Control Board voted to settle that lawsuit, and while it is a step in the right direction for CAURD license owners, they still have to wait until the court approves the agreement.  
The injunction will be lifted once it is approved, which will mean that hundreds of CAURD licensees could open their stores and the state Office of Cannabis Management can get back to issuing new licenses.  
The CAURD program is the first-of-its-kind in the United States and allows people who were incarcerated on marijuana charges to be the first to make cannabis sales.  
Coss Marte, who was supposed to open up his dispensary in the South Bronx in September, says he’s been paying rent and staff for months on a business that hasn’t opened, and this injunction being lifted could finally get his business off the ground.  
“I feel like the judge is going to be understanding and will sign it and things will move forward, so it’s a huge relief,” said Marte.