Cars trapped in Fordham parking garage for over a month due to broken elevator

Drivers in Fordham say their cars have been trapped in a parking garage for over a month after the elevator broke.
News 12 first spoke to residents about the issue in early February. Weeks later, drivers say neither the garage nor the city has helped them.
The Department of Buildings told News 12 that on Feb. 8, a car and freight operator were inside the elevator when it fell into the elevator pit, causing severe damage. The elevator has been down ever since.
The garage appears to be still open for business, but only on the first level. Drivers who have cars on one of the upper floors have not been able to access their vehicles.
According to the Department of Buildings website, complaints from customers about the elevator not working go all the way back to 2004.
The owner of the building told News 12 Saturday he’s looking into the issue.
The Department of Buildings told News 12 that its elevator inspectors visited the garage on March 3. It says the department will follow up with the property owners again to find out the status of the repair.