Cat rescued from abandoned New York City building in need of new home; here's how you can help

At not even 1-year-old, Suzie is a cute tabby kitten who is lucky to be alive and in need of a new home after being rescued from an abandoned building over the holidays.
German Santos came to the cat's rescue. He realized it was trapped inside an abandoned laundromat in his neighborhood and fed it for several months.
He enlisted the help of Roxanne Delgado, founder of the "Friends of Pelham Parkway" to help get Suzie out of the building, along with the other cats also trapped inside. When they finally got in to help, Suzie was the only cat left.
Santos started a GoFundMe page and is also looking for cat food donations. He says if anyone could help and take care of Suzie, it would be a blessing.
Santos and Delgado say a local rescue organization spayed and immunized Suzie. She also knows how to use the litter box already. Now, she is ready for a forever home.