Caught on camera: Masked thieves break into cars in North Massapequa

Masked thieves were caught on camera going street-to-street in North Massapequa community, breaking into cars – and now the neighborhood is looking to catch the criminals.
Residents say the thieves overturned their car interiors, stole items and violated their privacy, in what has become a trend across the Island.
Rachel Gemma is still in a little shock after burglars broke into her SUV Friday morning. It was parked right in front of her house. She said it was the first time she ever left it unlocked. The thieves took a bunch of gift cards including a $100 winning lottery ticket.
Around the corner, other neighbors got video of some masked crooks opening up car doors and allegedly taking items from inside.
Nassau police confirm there were multiple car break-ins Friday morning in North Massapequa. Neighbors say they were along Rosewood Drive, North Queens Avenue and North Suffolk Avenue where Gemma lives.
“I was upset, I was a little nervous, especially since they went through a bunch of cars and sometimes we leave our front door open…So yeah I was a little upset,” she said.
In one video, neighbors say there was a getaway car picking up someone who was possibly breaking into cars, and speeding off when the newspaper delivery person showed up.
Police are asking residents to report all suspicious behavior and attempted break ins.
Dan Benigno's car didn't get burglarized but he is now on alert.
“Every night before we got to bed, make sure they're locked and hope nothing happens overnight,” he said.
Gemma says her family has since taken anything valuable out of their vehicles and locks their cars as well as their home.
Even though the cameras and lights don't always frighten away the thieves, some homeowners say they'll be looking into installing more of them.