Caught on camera: Postal service worker charged in assault of Flatbush woman

A Flatbush woman says she was hospitalized due to an attack by her postal carrier, who is now facing charges.
Madeline Sierra, 56, says she heard someone shouting from her hallway on Tuesday and found that it was her carrier outside.
Sierra says when she asked the woman what was going on, the woman threatened her.
“She started cursing me out. She wasn't letting me talk,” said Sierra. “I was asking her, 'what seems to be the problem?’"
Sierra took out her phone and recorded a video, which shows someone lunge toward her and knock the phone to the ground.
"She got on top of me, ripped my shirt off and started swinging me all over the place,” she said. "I just couldn't believe it.”
Sierra says she fell on the pavement in the attack and ended up suffering a concussion. Bystanders intervened, and she was rushed to the hospital.
“She was kicking my face, so I was scared,” Sierra says, “I was feeling the pain on my back and my arm, nearly on my face, on my head, and suffered a concussion."
Police arrested and charged 32-year-old Jessica Griffin with assault and criminal mischief.
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service told News 12 in a statement, “The safety and well-being of USPS employees and customers is the highest priority of postal inspectors. Therefore, to protect the integrity of our ongoing investigation, we will not be providing any further information on this matter at this time."
Sierra says she also reached out to the Postal Service but has not heard back.