CB8 wants new sidewalk near water near Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale

A scenic waterfront stretch near the Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale has no sidewalk, and Community Board 8 is trying to change that.
The Riverdale Press earlier reported that CB8 is working with the Department of Transportation to place sidewalks along a steep portion of the road that leads to a school and a train station.
But there's a catch. Local homeowners could be responsible for footing the bill due to a part of the city's administrative code.
The rule requires homeowners whose lawns touch city streets to cover the cost of installing sidewalks.
One resident said he would not mind the added cost because he'd use the sidewalk himself.
"It's very dangerous, walking up the hill with the traffic," says Tom Lown, the homeowner. "I wouldn't mind cashing in a little to make this all easier."
Dan Padernacht, the chairman of CB8, says there are also a lot of kids living in the area who would benefit from the sidewalk.
The community board's next traffic and transit meeting will discuss the issue.