CDC: Monmouth County is the only NJ county currently with a high level of COVID-19 community spread

Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise in New Jersey, particularly in Monmouth County, the only county in New Jersey with a high level of community spread.
Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the county reported just over 400 new cases in about a week. The Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners says increased summer tourism could be playing a role in the higher numbers.
“We live in New York, so we’re coming down to the Jersey Shore for vacation,” says Tom Casale, of New York.
Towns like Howell and Middletown are seeing cases of the coronavirus in the thousands.
“There’s always a concern, but I think being vaccinated and wearing masks is the best that you can do,” says Casale.
Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners Director Tom Arnone said in part in a statement, "We also recognize that summer visitors who may receive a COVID-19 test, may be giving their summer addresses versus permanent address when asked to provide this information, thus increasing our COVID-19 totals."
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“I was going to say it’s me,” says Lauren Skelton, of Wayne. “I can’t be a hypocrite about the whole thing, but if you travel, just do it as safely as possible. I mean, you can’t expect people to stay home and just wither away and not live life so be safe while you’re doing it and be considerate of others.”
As of Monday, Freehold Borough saw 1,600 positive cases of the virus, while Freehold Township saw almost 4,000 positive cases. According to the Monmouth County Health Department, Middletown is leading in the number of positive COVID-19 cases at over 6,500.