Children’s Hospital at Montefiore administers vaccine to kids less than 24 hours after final CDC approval

Another big step forward in efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus was made Wednesday, as the youngest group of New Yorkers yet began getting their vaccines. 
Less than 24 hours after the final approval came from the CDC, shots started going into the arms of kids between the ages of 5 and 11 inside the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. 
"We've been on pins and needles, literally like sitting at the edge of our chair waiting, texting each other all day yesterday, we were all texting each other like is it going to happen? So, I’m overjoyed and overwhelmed, like it brought tears to my eyes when they finally said OK last night,” said Dr. Rhonda Acholonu, Montefiore pediatrician and parent. 
News 12 is told that family vaccine clinics in the lobby will continue to be in place at all Montefiore hospitals. 
Anyone coming by or in the area with kids at least 5 years old also has the option to get vaccinated.