Chipotle workers rally for employee who claims she was fired while trying to unionize

Chipotle employees rallied Tuesday outside of the White Plains Road location to support a worker who was working to unionize employees and then fired.

News 12 Staff

Oct 4, 2022, 9:22 PM

Updated 650 days ago


Chipotle employees rallied Tuesday outside of the White Plains Road location to support a worker who was working to unionize employees and then fired.  
Winifer Peña Ruiz was working to unionize at the White Plains Road Chipotle in September when she was fired. She says that she was told that she was let go for a minor mistake and had no major problems prior.  
Dozens of former and current Chipotle employees, elected officials, and members of 32BJ SEIU rallied Tuesday in support of Ruiz.  
Chipotle recently entered a settlement in a similar case in Brooklyn, where the discipline that worker faced was expunged by the fast-food chain.  
The city and Chipotle reached a $20 million agreement in September over violations of the city’s worker protection laws.  
News 12 has reached out to Chipotle about Ruiz’s termination but has not heard back yet.

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