City Council set to meet to vote on override of mayor’s veto of How Many Stops Act

Lots of changes could be coming to the way that NYPD officers have to report about their stops, as the City Council is looking to override Mayor Eric Adams’ veto of the How Many Stops Act.
Supporters of the How Many Stops Act rallied outside of Brooklyn Borough Hall on Monday to speak about the possible changes that could come after tomorrow.
The How Many Stops Act requires the NYPD to document all stops, reporting the age, gender and race of the person along with why the stop was made.
The mayor vetoed the bill in December, saying it would slow down officers and force them to spend more time filling out paperwork and less time policing.
The City Council is set to vote Tuesday to override the mayor’s decision on the act – they’ll need 34 of 54 votes to make that override happen.