City Council tackling spike in e-bike-related fires in NYC

The package of bills passed will focus on regulating, monitoring and increasing safety practices with lithium-ion batteries that have been linked to fires citywide in recent months.

News 12 Staff

Mar 2, 2023, 10:27 PM

Updated 472 days ago


The City Council passed a package of bills on Thursday addressing the increased dangers and misuse of lithium-ion batteries linked to a number of recent fires.  
Council members say this legislative action is a commonsense approach to the e-bike fires that have devastated the lives of New Yorkers.  
Members of the Committee on Fire and Emergency Management introduced several bills approved by the City Council that will require the FDNY to develop a public information campaign and report on safety measures to reduce e-bike fires.  
A new measure in the bill package would also provide food service workers with information on how to reduce fire risks. Another legislation requires all lithium-ion batteries sold in New York City to be certified. 
Council members also approved a bill that makes it illegal to assemble cells that come from used storage battery units. Data from the FDNY shows that there have been 22 fires linked to these batteries, resulting in one fatality.  
City officials stood in front of the site located outside of City Hall that will serve as an official powering station for e-bikes. Many expressed how these fires have impacted their communities.  
“Last August, we lost a young girl to one of these fires,” said Council Member Shaun Abreu. “Today, the Council is saying enough is enough.”

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