Clason Point neighbors questions city over who is responsible for unkempt road

What is supposed to be a street in Clason Point has turned into a dumping ground, and neighbors can't get answers as to who is responsible for cleaning it up.
The two blocks on the north side of Soundview Park between Beach and Thierot avenues have become a stretch of unknown to residents. Blueprints from people who moved into the neighborhood in the early 2000s call it O'Brien Avenue.
For more than 15 years, Maura Elisa Tobar has fought for the street she was promised from developers when they built here home. She has asked local lawmakers for answers about whom is responsible for maintaining what's become a trail of mud, trash and puddles.
"Every time we go they say DOT is not responsible, so then we get DOT on the line, and they say it's the Parks Department, and they just keep throwing the ball at each other," says Tobar.
When News 12 reached out to the Parks Department, they said to talk to the DOT. DOT representatives say they were looking into the issue.