Dept. of Education data: Hundreds of COVID-19 cases reported amid 1st week back to school

Data from the city's Department of Education show that hundreds of students and school staffers have tested positive for the coronavirus since the start of school this week.
The DOE says a total of 403 students and staff have tested positive for COVID-19, just from the start of school on Monday. 
I.S. 166 is now one of many schools seeing classroom closures and many say they are worried.  
According to data, the DOE’s cumulative positive cases from just this Monday show 230 students and 173 staff members have tested positive for the virus. 
DOE data also shows that since Monday, 169 classrooms have been closed, along with 125 partial classroom closures. 
The DOE has reported an 84.91% attendance rate. According to the DOE, there are only classroom closures and not school closures. 
News 12 reached out to the Department of Education for a statement and hasn’t heard back yet.