Clinton Hill business feels effect of supply chain shortages

He says the crisis has also affected his ability to hire new employees - all while demand at the shop increases.

News 12 Staff

Nov 4, 2021, 11:56 PM

Updated 990 days ago


Major delays in the global supply chain have left many local businesses unable to recover from the pandemic. Although the crisis continues, one local coffee shop owner says they are grateful to be on the road to recovery, despite the delays. 
Theodore Peck is the owner of Peck’s Food. "I'm luckier than most. I survived the pandemic. The fact this business survived…is weird,” said Peck. 
Supplies as simple as cups and lids have been delayed for months and caused major issues for Peck's in Clinton Hill over the last year. 
"They said it'll be there in two weeks and then I get something in two weeks saying it'll be another two weeks and then at the end of four weeks they just cancel the order,” said Peck. 
He says the crisis has also affected his ability to hire new employees - all while demand at the shop increases. 
He says the combination of fewer employees and a lack of supplies can leave customers feeling agitated. 
"A lot of people were frustrated by a lot of things going on in their personal lives, so when you say I'm sorry we don't have X or we don't have Y, it was taken as a personal front. It was very frustrating,” said Peck.

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