Clinton Hill resident working to help those in abusive relationships

A Clinton Hill resident is working to help those in abusive relationships.

News 12 Staff

Oct 31, 2019, 11:06 PM

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A Clinton Hill resident is working to help those in abusive relationships.
October marked Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so the issue is being brought to the forefront.
The New York City Mayor's Office states that over a seven-year period, domestic violence homicides accounted for 17% of the homicides across the five boroughs.
Clinton Hill resident Jennifer Hughes was in an abusive relationship 14 years ago. She says she continues to carry the scars of that relationship.
"I was one of the people that said you will never find me in a situation like this," said Hughes.
Hughes says the physical abuse started nine months into their three-year relationship. She says she ignored the red flags before that.
"He didn't want me to be around my family, I couldn't speak to my friends over the phone and I couldn't go out alone, I always had to be accompanied by him," said Hughes.
From 2010 to 2017, the mayor's office stated that the Bronx and Brooklyn had the highest number of domestic violence homicides. Staff at Safe Horizon, a nonprofit victim services agency, says there is no direct cause.
"We know that domestic violence tends to get worse over the course of relationships," said Safe Horizon's Kimberlina Kavern. Hughes says she didn't get help right away because she feared being judged.
Hughes says she had a revelation that she could help people. She now works as a case manager at Safe Horizon for those who are still trying to get anonymous and confidential help.

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