Community Board 11 commissions art murals to beautify Morris Park

Community Board 11 commissions art murals to beautify Morris Park

Morris Park residents are using art to protect the walls of an East Tremont Avenue building.
Residents say the area is filled with vandalism and graffiti, but the new murals on East Tremont Avenue and Adams Street are helping to beautify the area.
"As you can see over there across the street what this used to look like, more or less it was an eyesore," says artist Lovie Pignata.
Pignata says the artworks highlights the Bronx, and includes bright colors and painting of fish found in the Bronx River.

"Art in the Bronx is great, it's everywhere, it's always been here and it's nice to be a part of it and I love doing public and community art putting something there that will last," says Pignata.

Community Board 11 commissioned the project. They say graffiti artists have respected the work and have left the work of art alone.
The murals took about a month to complete.
Organizers say they are hoping to add even more color to the neighborhood. 

"I'm tired of hearing the Bronx is burning. It's nice to turn around and look at some beauty," says Albert D'Angelo, of Community Board 11.

Community board members are hoping to commission more projects like the murals in the hopes less people deface property across the borough. 
They also hope for residents to embrace the artwork.

"It's a place we want to bring up our families. It's not a place we just want to pass through. We're long-term residents," says D'Angelo.