Commuters take extra measures to stay germ-free amid potential NYC coronavirus cases

Local commuters are taking extra measures to stay germ-free as city health officials are looking into three possible cases of the novel coronavirus.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells News 12 there are five new confirmed infections nationwide, which brings the total to seven, with two instances of transmission through person-to-person contact. Health officials tell News 12 the people who appear to be at risk are seniors and those with an underlying health condition. The CDC indicates that 167 people nationwide who were under investigation have tested negative and that 82 others are awaiting results. The head of the World Health Organization says it is working with Google and social media sites to prevent the spread of rumors and misinformation about the outbreak.
Straphangers are doing what they can to stay safe. The Health Department and Metropolitan Transportation Authority are urging people to continue their daily lives knowing there is currently a minimal risk.
However, many say they're still on edge knowing the virus is out there.
The CDC explains that Wuhan and Huawei - two cities in China where much of the virus has stemmed from - have been closed to travelers. The agency believes that could help to lessen the spread of the illness.