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Concourse Village mother: Rodent and maggot infestation worsening at apartment

Ann Marchena says rodents have to led to another infestation problem in her home.

News 12 Staff

Nov 8, 2021, 10:58 PM

Updated 982 days ago


A Bronx mother is fed up with what she says is a vermin problem inside her Concourse Village apartment.
Ann Marchena says rodents have to led to another infestation problem in her home.
She says her first-floor apartment smells like a morgue and that she and her kids are constantly coughing and vomiting from the smell.
On Friday, the building porter pulled out a dead rat that was wedged inside her walls behind her living room couch.
Marchena has lived at the building on East 164th Street for more than a decade.
Two years ago, her apartment underwent a pest extermination. However, she says the vermin problem has returned and has gotten worse.
Marchena says rats have been dying inside her walls, leaving an unbearable stink throughout the entire apartment.
Marchena says the decaying rodents have led to a massive maggot infestation. She filmed a cellphone video of the conditions inside her walls.
"I just want it to be fixed. I am not asking for nothing. I don't want to live like this. It's not fair, I don't ask them for nothing," Marchena says.
She has notified 311 and has filed a complaint to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
Because of the situation, she and her family were recently transferred from their four-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom unit next door. But she says that apartment does not have a stove and her kids are sleeping on mattresses.
She says she shouldn't have to live like this, especially after what she has been through.
News 12 reached to Eisenstein Realty Property Management Company about the infestation problem in Manchena's apartment but has yet to hear back.

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