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Coney Island Casino bid releases project name & renderings

The Coney, a new entertainment venue, would hold a hotel, concert hall, convention center and a casino in the center of it all.

News 12 Staff

Mar 4, 2023, 3:27 AM

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After a year of planning out a sustainable proposal, the Coney Island Casino bid has finally released its project’s name and first renderings.  
The Coney, a new entertainment venue, would hold a hotel, concert hall, convention center and a casino in the center of it all.  
“The casino portion of the project looks to be able to have rewards programs where you can go out into the community and dine at local restaurants, local bars,” said Robert Cornegy, consultant and lobbyist on The Coney project. “In addition to coming onto the campus and the venue, we want people to go back out into Coney and experience Coney.” 
The location, between Cyclone Stadium and the aquarium, is designed to be a community and citywide destination and not just a casino. Cornegy says he hopes to use a small business model similar to the Barclays Center, where the focus is on local vendors instead of national brands. He also sees the venue as a chance to expand seasonal employment into year-round jobs.  
“This area unfortunately has been plagued with a tremendous amount of disinvestment,” said Cornegy. “What we want to do is invest in it again and we think that this is the right model to invest in all aspects of it.” 
The rendering announcement focused on making sure that the venue’s appearance will match the look of other establishments that already call the boardwalk home.

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