Coney Island residents demand for NYCHA to repair Hurricane Sandy damages

New York City Housing Authority residents in Coney Island are demanding change, after they say NYCHA has not repaired damages from Hurricane Sandy with funds allocated to them by Federal Emergency Management Agency.
On Saturday, residents of Odwyer Gardens Houses took their signs and headed outside of the building to protest. They demanded to see the funds given to NYCHA after the hurricane devastated the area.
FEMA allocated millions of dollars for NYCHA to repay damages from the hurricane, but residents says they haven’t seen any.
Residents said their ground lobbies still have water lines around the areas of previous flooding. They said they want to see new lobbies, ground renovations, proper lighting for residents, and a meeting with FEMA about the funds.
Resident and Odwyer Gardens board vice president Tiffany Lewis said she called NYCHA several weeks about potential mold in her wall, and they patched up the wall instead of investigating the issue.
Residents said that they will continue to speak out and if nothing is done to correct the problem, they will take legal action against NYCHA.
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for a comment and they said in part, "NYCHA is using $275 million in FEMA funding for upgrades in heating, back-up power generators, building floodproofing, and safety infrastructure... Construction repairs began in 2017 and are slated to be completed by the end of 2022."