'Triple-demic' hitting NYC as governor urges New Yorkers to get vaccinated

Gov. Kathy Hochul is warning New Yorkers to protect themselves from getting sick this winter as cases of the flu, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and COVID-19 are on the rise.
Something has been going around groups of friends, students and coworkers in what doctors are calling a "triple-demic" and it’s hitting the state pretty hard.
State health department data shows that flu cases have jumped way up over the last few weeks across the state. All 62 state counties, including New York City, have now all seen high levels of flu patients at the end of last month.
If that weren’t enough, hospitals across the state have said they are overwhelmed with RSV cases, particularly among young kids. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called on the federal government for help with the rise in cases.
Although city health data shows that COVID-19 hospitalizations are decreasing in New York City, the daily average number of cases is still increasing. The governor continues to urge New Yorkers to get vaccinated and take other steps to protect themselves especially with the holidays coming up.
In addition to getting vaccinated, doctors say, as always, you should also wash your hands frequently, try to avoid sharing cups or utensils and always sneeze or cough into a tissue. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it doesn’t hurt to pop those masks back on in crowded spaces either.