Controversial plan to build affordable housing moves ahead in Westchester Square

A controversial plan to build new affordable housing in Westchester Square is moving ahead

The New York City Council voted to approve the construction of new affordable housing on Blondell Avenue - something Community Board 10 and 11 disagreed with in the past.  The boards feared the addition to the neighborhood would bring too much traffic

John Bonizio, with the Weschester Square Business Improvement District, says developers have a solution. It includes providing 225 parking spaces accessible to the public.

Community members were also concerned about the height of the building, saying it just wouldn't fit in with the aesthetics of the area. Councilman Mark Gjonaj came to a compromise with developers.

In a statement to News 12, the councilman said in part, "We worked with the developer to reduce the scale of the project to better fit the surrounding area, from nine stories and 228 units down to six stories with a setback and a total of 172 units."

Bonizio says the mixed-use project will ultimately attract more people to the neighborhood.

“The biggest thing that's needed in Westchester Square is an increase in foot traffic to bring people to the area. This is going to provide that,” he says.

News 12 reached out to Community Board 10 and 11 for reaction and is waiting to hear back.