Councilman calls for investigation into Bronx Hall of Justice construction delays

After 10 years of delays in construction, the Bronx Hall of Justice is being called an injustice to taxpayers.
Councilman Ritchie Torres called for an investigation of the building because he believes the public has the right to know where their money is going.
"The closed plaza is an image of broken promise, the public was promised a world-class space with outdoor seating, with trees and pedestrian seating, and instead its a neglected construction site," says Torres
Torres say the construction is over budget and a decade behind schedule.
"Even though the architecture glitters on the surface, it has been a plagued. The underlying infrastructure has been plagued with a whole host of problems that have come back to haunt the taxpayers of the Bronx," says Torres.
Torres plans to create a law that requires the city to be transparent with a timeline on the project, and another law that creates a safe space once the plaza is complete.
News 12 The Bronx reached out to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which manages the Bronx Hall of Justice facility, for a response. DCAS says the Department of Design & Construction is now managing the repair work.