Councilman pushes for more Wi-Fi in BX parks

Councilman James Vacca is pushing for the city to provide free Wi-Fi in more parks in the Bronx.
Joyce Kilmer, Hunts Point Riverside Park and Devoe Park are the only three Bronx parks that carry free wireless service throughout.
Pelham Bay Park offers only limited Wi-Fi in certain areas. Under a city plan, parkgoers can use three 10-minute sessions of free Internet every 30 days. Those who want more can pay 99 cents a day for Internet use.
With Pelham Bay Park being close to 3,000 acres, some are wondering why it was left off the list.
"How we could be excluded from getting free Wi-Fi in Pelham Bay Park is unimaginable. Van Cortlandt Park is in the same situation," says Vacca.
Many Bronx residents say it is a situation that needs to be changed in order for them to stay connected while on the go.