Countdown for early voting commences ahead of November election

The countdown is on for the polls to open for early voting. 
New Yorkers can get their votes in for the November election as early as 8 p.m. Saturday. 
The big race this year is the New York City mayoral race. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa are going head-to-head for the top office in the city. 
Sliwa spoke with voters in the Bronx and says he fears there will be a low voter turnout.
“I hope I'm wrong, I will be visiting as many polling sites as I can and also pumping up the poll workers. This is probably the toughest thing to do, to get our citizens not only to vote early but also on election day,” said Sliwa. 
Adams also spoke with New Yorkers and says a vote for him is a vote to put New York City first. 
"We're putting on one jersey Nov. 2 and that’s team New York and it doesn't mean that we agree all the time, and it doesn't mean times I'm going to say darn it, but it does mean we are going to put our city first,” said Adams.