COVID-19 causes challenges in adoption process across the US

COVID-19 causes challenges in adoption process across the US

The coronavirus is presenting a whole new set of challenges for parents looking to adopt, even those with preexisting plans are facing travel and hospital restrictions.
However, in the midst of all the craziness, one family was able to bring a pair of twin babies home.

"The babies were born prematurely, and were expected to be in the hospital for much longer, wound up being scheduled for discharge,” says Sasha Martone, Domestic Adoption Services Director at Alliance for Children, Inc.

At 3 and 5 pounds they were placed in foster care because their adoptive parents are from coming from Kansas and with the coronavirus pandemic, it wasn't clear how long it would take them to get to the hospital.
"These are two boys that did not need to go through the state process. The money that is needed, to find foster care services...there's a limit to it and so why take money from children who really need it when there are families that want to adopt children directly,” says Martone.

Martone works for the Alliance for Children adoption agency based in states across the country, including New York.
Her organization stepped in to see that the boys could make their way to the right home.

The babies' situation isn't unique under the circumstances. Many families across New York, and the country, are seeing their birth and adoption plans uprooted because of travel and hospital restrictions.
"For international adoptions obviously things have really been put on hold. With regard to domestic, interestingly, while we're making accommodations and we're changing the way we're doing things, the work itself hasn't really changed,” says Martone.

Despite the circumstances, agencies like Martone's say they're still working hard to make families' dreams come true.

"Just the love that they all felt and this joy as to finally being able to move forward now,” says Martone.

She says just like the baby twins, we'll all get through this together.