Coyote den discovered at Woodlawn cemetery

An amateur wildlife Bronx photographer says she discovered a coyote den at Woodlawn cemetery. 
Patricia Gonzalez says she saw something furry in the corner of her eye running around and thought they were possums. 
She says once she got a little closer, she realized they were coyote pups underneath one of the mausoleums. Gonzalez says she realized it was their coyote den and stepped away. 
"I felt quite honored to witness something so beautiful you know, something that will take one's mind off what's happening. And a reminder to us -- the humans -- that they don't live in our world, we live in theirs,” said Gonzalez. 
The Parks Department says if you cross paths with wildlife in New York City to respect them the same way you would any New Yorker and to give them plenty of space.