Crown Heights building tenants go on rent strike to protest mismanagement, unacceptable living conditions

Tenants of a Crown Heights apartment building launched a rent strike Sunday following what they say is mismanagement and unacceptable living conditions.
The tenants of 1392 Sterling Place held a rally outside the building and called on their neighbors to stick together to get the repairs they need.
They said leaking pipes, mold, plumbing issues, cracked paint, broken windows, a flooded basement and issues with pests all plague the nearly 100-year-old building.
They said the building has been subject to neglect and mismanagement by their landlord and management company.
After the prior landlord passed away, they said a new company, IRIS Holdings, took over, but they have not been able to get in touch with anyone.
News 12 also contacted IRIS Holdings but did not hear back.
According to HPD, the property has been issued an order to repair or vacate.