Customers who had events canceled due to COVID-19 could be getting some money. Here's what to do to claim a refund.

Customers who had events canceled due to COVID-19, including Broadway shows, could be getting back their refunds.
The New York Attorney General Letitia James announced an agreement with Ticket Fulfillment Services, L.P. (TFS) and five ticket resale websites for failing to provide legally-mandated refunds to more than 11,000 affected consumers who purchased tickets — through one of TFS’s affiliate marketers — to events that were canceled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Collectively, the companies denied approximately $4.4 million in refunds that they were required to return to consumers, according to the attorney general.
As part of the agreement, TFS will guarantee refunds to New York consumers and to out-of-state buyers to New York venues who purchased their tickets through an affiliate’s website.
New Yorkers may be eligible for a refund if their event was canceled, and if they are either a New York consumer or a consumer who bought a ticket to a New York venue, through any of the following companies’ websites:
To claim a refund, consumers are encouraged to contact customer support for the website they used to purchase their ticket.