Dads, grandfathers participate in socially distanced ‘take your child to school day’

All across the country, fathers are dropping off their little ones at school for National Dads Take Your Child to School Day.
Dads and grandfathers walked their little ones to the front door of Beanstalk Academy in Crotona Park Thursday.
Every year, the early childhood learning center hosts a special day for dads who bring their kids to school, but because of the social distance concerns the event was held outside.
News 12 spoke with a local dad who says mornings are a special bonding for him and his young son.
"Every morning I take him to school. I have morning conversations with him, it's really wonderful to take him to school every day; you get to see the side of him that nobody else gets to see the side of him, he's very calm in the morning a lot of kids are talking about he's very observant so he sees everything in the morning time when he went to bring him to school," says Javon Williams, of Crotona Park.
The theme of the school event was "I’m not a distant dad" to honor fathers who are actively part of their children's lives.