Data: Nearly two-thirds of New Yorkers are fully vaccinated

ALBANY, N.Y. - Nearly two-thirds of New York residents are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to the latest federal statistics.
About 12.7 million of New York’s 20 million residents are fully vaccinated, according to data released Saturday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
That's the seventh highest percentage of any state - below Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey.
Vaccination rates are highest in the southern and eastern part of New York state: more than three-quarters of residents in Hamilton County in the Adirondacks are fully vaccinated.
Roughly 73% of residents are fully vaccinated in Manhattan and Queens in New York City.
But vaccination rates are lowest in western and central counties: just 38% are fully vaccinated in Allegany County, which is home to about 47,000 people.
Meanwhile, the number of people with confirmed COVID-19 in New York hospitals is declining: 2,115 as of Friday.
That's down from a fall peak of about 2,476 patients on Sept. 13.
COVID-19 hospitalization rates are highest in the Southern Tier and Mohawk Valley.
Some communities with lower rates of vaccination are seeing higher rates of hospitalization.
About 53% of residents are fully vaccinated in Broome County, home to Binghamton.
Hospitals in the county reported 92 confirmed COVID-19 patients as of Saturday, up 39% from the previous week.
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