Daughter reunited with father's Army duffle bag after 7 decades

The daughter of a fallen World War II and Korean War hero was reunited with her father's Army duffle bag after 75 years.
Eileen Sullivan Alber has spent her entire life loving a hero father she never met. On Nov. 30, 1950, Army Cpl. Joseph W. Sullivan was killed in action while serving in the Korean War. Alber was only 4 years old at the time.
"My father died a hero trying to save people," says Alber. "I have no memory of him at all except a couple of pictures. I always wanted to have something with me of him."
Alber's wish came true on her 75th birthday when she received a package containing her father's 81-year-old Army duffle bag from WWII.
"It was such a warm feeling to actually touch the handle of a bag that he touched many, many times," says Alber.
The bag was delivered all the way from South Bend, Indiana from Roger Goodland. He bought the bag from an Army surplus store in 1946 to use on camping trips.
"I so many times looked at that bag and wondered who Joseph W. Sullivan was," says Goodland. "Before the internet, there was no way of being able to find him."
Using the power of Google, Goodland and his wife Alice discovered that Sullivan was a war hero. On the Korean War Project website, the couple noticed a plea from Alber asking anyone with information or mementos from her father's service to contact her.
"When we found Eileen's posting that was so touching, there was no doubt that that was where the bag needed to go," says Alice.
The couple tracked down Eileen via Facebook, which led to the special delivery.
In addition to getting her father's duffle bag, Alber was able to meet the couple on Zoom Wednesday to express her gratitude.
Alber told the Goodlands, "My family is so grateful to you and Alice for blessing our life with this gift."