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De Blasio hopes to have road map by June 1 on how to reopen NYC following COVID-19 pandemic

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he hopes to have a road map by June 1 on how to reopen New York City following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Apr 26, 2020, 1:18 PM

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Mayor Bill de Blasio says he hopes to have a road map by June 1 on how to reopen New York City following the COVID-19 pandemic.
He says that when the city will reopen will be determined by health indicators, and that the number must be low enough.
De Blasio says hospitalizations are the same Sunday and citywide positive coronavirus cases are slightly down. He says planning for the restart will happen in the next few weeks.
The mayor says he has also created a city task force on racial inclusion and equity to engage the hardest hit communities, as well as a fair recovery task force to build a stronger economy and society.
De Blasio says basic necessities like food, health and a place to live are important as city officials roll out the rebuild plans.
He says that despite protests calling for rent cancellation as a way to keep a roof over people's heads, he doesn't believe canceling it is the answer.
De Blasio says he is calling on the rent guidelines board to enact a rent freeze, along with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow tenants to use their security deposits to pay their rent.
-The mayor vows that New York City will come back stronger than ever. He says we will learn powerful lessons and the city will act on those lessons. "Think about what happened after 9/11," he said. "This city fought back."
-De Blasio says the discussion will focus on the restart with an eye on medical data indicators.
-The mayor cautions the restart will not happen all at once, but in careful phases. He says the work of framing the restart is going on now. He says the city will come back smarter in a way that "fights economic and racial disparities," saying that a powerful exclamation point has been put on the disparities by the crisis. 
-He says he will outline a plan to build back in a smarter and more equitable and fair recovery.
-On the question of "when we restart," he says it will happen "when we have evidence." He says he's worried about other states around the country that he says are "rushing" to reopen, noting that it could "backfire."
-De Blasio says there will be a set of advisory councils that will be quickly implemented, "sector by sector," with separate councils for smaller businesses and larger businesses; one for public health and health care; arts, culture and tourism will also have a council; a labor council; nonprofit and social services; faith-based community; and more.
-De Blasio criticized the federal government for focusing recovery efforts initially on large corporations instead of small businesses and workers.
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