Deanne Criswell takes over as commissioner of NYC OEM

Deanne Criswell takes over as commissioner of NYC OEM

The New York City Office of Emergency Management has finally replaced former Commissioner Joseph Esposito with new leadership.
Commissioner Deanne Criswell says she's ready to help the city any way she can. 

"It's really then relying on the coordination and the cooperation of working with my partner agencies- here in the city to make sure that we're coming together when that crisis happens in order to meet the needs of the residents,” says Criswell.

And the newly appointed Commissioner of OEM, Criswell, is now playing a huge role in helping to keep those residents safe. 

"New York city as a whole is 8.6 million residents within New York City and all five boroughs, and we look at the risks and the threats and the hazards that are approaching any of them equally,” says Criswell.

Commissioner Criswell says OEM is prepared to take on natural disasters as well as man made threats.

"The police department and the fire department, they have their procedures in place they know them exceptionally well,” says Criswell. “We come in and support them and make sure that if they have additional resource needs that emergency management can provide that we are there to help them as well as the consequences that might come afterwards.”

Commissioner Criswell is coming into this role with 25 years of experience.

"I'm just incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity to lead New York City Emergency Management,” she says.
Criswell says she hopes to inspire the younger generation with her leadership skills.
"For me personally as a woman what I hope for is that I can be that role model and mentor for the future women that have a desire to serve in any type of a public service career,” says Criswell.