Deep Dive: How much more are you paying at New York supermarkets?

How much are the supply chain issues and inflation impacts hitting your wallet?
In this week's Deep Dive, News 12's Kristie Reeter and Investopedia's Caleb Silver break down certain staples everyone buys to see if you are paying more.
In New York, fruits and vegetables alone are up 2.3%, dairy is up 0.9%, and meats, pultry, fish and eggs are up 9%. Cereals and bakery goods are up 5.1%.
Are there any specialty items that we are seeing a bump in price with inflation?
"A lot of them, but here in New York we take pride in our bagels we think they are the best in the world," says Silver. "Those prices are up 5.5% here in New York just in the year and people are still lining up every single morning to get their bagel."