Deep Dive: Restaurant reservations are down 35.7% in September across New York

Digging into restaurant reservations can tell us a lot about trends in the industry in our area.
In this week's Deep Dive, News 12's Kristie Reeter looks at where things stand for New York when it comes to dining out.
Caleb Silver, or Investopedia, says statewide restaurant reservations were down 35.7% in September compared to pre-pandemic levels.
"It has been rough all summer throughout the state, and it is not getting much better as we get in to the colder months that could put pressure on restaurants," says Silver.
When it comes to employment in the restaurant industry, Silver says that about 335,000 jobs were added back into that sector since April of 2020, but the hiring has started to slow.
"A survey says that 51% of small businesses had trouble paying the rent in September, most of those were restaurants, so restaurants continue to be under pressure especially as we get into October and the colder months," says Silver.