Deep Dive: Where are people heading this holiday season?

The holiday season is officially underway now. The roads will be busy this weekend with people returning home from their Thanksgiving destinations.  
Here is a deeper dive on where exactly people are heading this holiday season.  
In a poll taken by News 12, viewers were asked: Are you planning a winter vacation? 
The majority, at 47%, said they are staying home.  
Caleb Silver with Investopedia says there is a way for Google to track people this holiday season. 
How does Google track people who are getting a jumpstart on their holiday shopping and celebrations?  
"We like to look at the seven-day average of mobility, tracked by Google to retail and recreational areas, that shows people are really getting a jumpstart on the shopping or going to those recreational spots. And in New Jersey we are still down below 2019 levels. When you look at Morris County down 10.9% so not a ton of mobility going on in Morris County, people more staying at home even as we get into the end of 2021."  
Google also can pull transportation data.  
“We like to look at bridge and tunnel traffic we also like to look at PATH traffic in and out of the city and in and around the New Jersey cities. And bridge and toll traffic only down about 1.1% very interesting as gas prices are spiking here a lot of people are driving more. In terms of PATH traffic very low compared to 2019 levels. Only 44,000 people using the PATH in and out of New York from New Jersey compared to about a 150,000 in the same month in 2019.”