Defense hammers key witness on role in 'Junior' death

Thursday marked a grueling day in court for a key witness in the Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz murder trial.

News 12 Staff

Jun 6, 2019, 9:17 PM

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Thursday marked a grueling day in court for a key witness in the Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz murder trial, as the defense pounded the former gang member on his role in the Belmont teen's death during cross examination.
The cross examination comes as Junior's mother has agreed to watch the rest of the trial from a different courtroom. The decision was something that Leandra Feliz tells News 12 she was in agreement with in order to avoid a mistrial. Her outburst during the testimony of Michael "Sosa" Reyes on Tuesday drew a motion from the defense to have her watch the trial on TV from a different room.
The defense in the case hammered Reyes during cross examination, with attorney Kyle Watters questioning Reyes on his pursuit of Junior. Watters also pulled up Reyes' testimony from last June, when he told a grand jury that Junior replied to the Trinitatrios driving through his neighborhood with "Que lo siete," a Trini greeting.
Reyes also previously testified that Junior threw up a gang sign when he was first approached by the Trinitarios gang in his neighborhood -- but he now denies that he saw that.
Reyes addressed inconsistencies in his story by telling the jury, "I want you to understand that everything that I said mistakenly was because of everything going on. I was confused."
Reyes' face was caught on camera at the scene of Junior's stabbing. The district attorney offered to drop his case if he provides truthful testimony in this trial and in future proceedings.
Reyes also told the jury that he made an attempt to get the gang to stop their attack by telling them there were cameras in the bodega that Junior was dragged from.
Defenise lawyer Toni Messina pointed out that Reyes' case will be dismissed as long as he fulfills his part of his plea agreement. Reyes responded, "I will have the family of the victim searching me out to kill me."
Prosecutors will continue on redirect of Reyes on Friday, and the medical examiner is expected to testify after Reyes is done.

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