Deli worker assaulted for protecting woman in Morrisania

Police are on the hunt for a man who assaulted a bodega worker in Morrisania.
The incident happened a day before Christmas Eve, at a deli on Prospect Avenue at around 9:20 a.m. The victim, a deli worker, put himself in harm's way to protect a customer.
The man, who did not want to appear on camera, tells News 12, "He came in hitting the woman... the woman entered trying to run away from him."
"I tried to protect her. I didn't let him enter from any side, and I told him get out of here with your problems, you're just looking for problems," the man told News 12.
That's when the man says he became the victim. Surveillance video shows the suspect in a white jacket, who returned and smashed a wine bottle over the deli worker's head. The suspect left the deli worker with a gash from his eyebrow to his temple.
The victim was treated at a hospital and is back at work, but his attacker is still on the loose.
If anyone has any information, they are encouraged to contact the police.