Delivery workers celebrate long-awaiting pay jump

Minimum wage for delivery drivers in New York City has been a hot-button issue for some time, but now delivery workers will be getting their long-awaited increase in pay.  
The city implemented a pay bump of $17.96 per hour for app delivery drivers. The pay bump was held up in court multiple times earlier this year, but last week, a judge ruled against an appeal made by those delivery apps.  
Members of Delivery Workers United stood alongside Mayor Eric Adams and City Comptroller Brad Lander to celebrate the milestone on Wednesday.  
Under local law, minimum wage is set to reach nearly $20 by April of 2024. Many workers say that along with this pay raise, workers will get to keep all of their tips – but UberEats and DoorDash are reacting in response, making it so that customers are only allowed to enter the tip after the food is delivered.