Delivery workers gather at City Hall to call for expanded protections

Delivery workers gathered in front of City Hall Thursday to get their bikes fixed, while they received help filling out applications for state pandemic financial assistance. 
They were set up while the City Council was voting on a package of bills aimed to expand protections for delivery workers. 
Tents were set up outside of City Hall by the Labor of Organization of Immigrant Delivery Couriers, Los Deliveristas Unidos. The group spoke for months with City Council members on the issue which was brought to the forefront by the pandemic.
Delivery workers were vital in supporting the city with the shutdown of indoor dining and the mandatory quarantine. 
The bills would allow food couriers access to bathrooms, set minimum payments per trip, ensure that tips make it to workers and limits on how far they could be asked to deliver. 
This would allow workers to choose which areas they make deliveries in, a decision that has some worried that couriers will no longer deliver to lower-income neighborhoods.