DeWitt Clinton High School senior dies from coronavirus

A senior at DeWitt Clinton High School was getting ready for the next chapter in her life when she got sick with coronavirus and died.

Manuela Espinoza was 18-years-old and her mom, sister and best friend say she was driven and crazy about her school work.

Espinoza had been accepted to 20 colleges and wanted to be a social worker or lawyer to help kids.

In March, she started feeling sick and was sent to St. Barnabas Hospital. When her kidney failed, she was transferred to Children's Hospital at Montefiore.

On April 4, Espinoza's family says she was sedated and put on a ventilator. That was the last time they spoke with her.

For five weeks, she stayed on the ventilator. Her mom visited her every day in protective gear, hoping her daughter would come home.

Espinoza's lung collapsed on May 8. She died May 12.

Her family is now wondering if her death is related to Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, which has been found in kids and young people who had COVID-19.

The Department of Health nor Montefiore would not confirm if Espinoza's death is being investigated as one of the Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome cases in the state because of privacy laws.