Dietician offers healthy eating tips for Super Bowl

Dr. Tonya Hunt, a registered dietitian at St. Barnabas Hospital, says Super Bowl Sunday can rival Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner – and that’s why she’s sharing her spread of healthier party favorites .
"You can still have your chicken, your wings, but bake them instead of fry them. And you can do alternatives like low-fat sour cream or yogurt and mix it with the ranch, instead of having it with the full fat,” she says.

Dr. Hunt says to throw some vegetables in the mix as well.

"You can still do dipping, using celery and carrot sticks as opposed to chips. And then you can eat as much as you want,” she says.

She says add some low-fat cheese and tomatoes, or even clementines, to the snack list.  Dr. Hunt says those things will have you feeling full and happy instead of stuffed and uncomfortable.