'Digging the Bronx' gives a look into archaeology in the borough

An author has put together a book that gives a look into the Bronx's history by looking underground.
"Digging the Bronx" was edited by Fordham University professor Allan Gilbert, who has worked at the school for 34 years.
"The point of the book was to show the public how many different ways archaeology can be done in the Bronx," says Gilbert. "I wanted people who read the book to understand what it is like to be on a site and to think the way the archaeologist does."
The book teaches readers about his 17-year excavation project of Rose Hill Manor on Fordham's campus, among others.
All of the proceeds of the book go back to the Bronx Historical Society, which helped publish it.
Before readers try to go digging for themselves, Gilbert says to leave it to the experts. "We hope that people who read the book will understand that these sites are not there so that people can excavate them and walk away with souvenirs."