DOI report lashes out at NYPD use of force

A 58-page report released Thursday by the Department of Investigations lashed out against NYPD practices when it comes to excessive force.
A team led by the inspector general analyzed 179 cases over four years where the Civilian Complaint Review Board determined excessive force. One of the most scathing lines in the report states that the "NYPD frequently failed to impose discipline even when provided with evidence of excessive force."
The report examined five aspects of force: trends, reporting, de-escalation, training and discipline. Its main criticism was how "the department departed downward from CCRB disciplinary recommendations - or imposed no disciplinary action whatsoever over 67 percent of the time."
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton fired back at the report, saying the NYPD has made strides in combating excessive force, including retraining of 20,000 officers, more standardized reporting and revised guidelines.
The commissioner acknowledged that he will continue to work with the inspector general on use of force recommendations. He promises new policies will be in place by Jan. 1.