Dozens protest against vaccine mandate already in effect for thousands of city workers

Dozens of people, including city workers, protested Wednesday against the mandates put in place by Mayor Bill de Blasio that require city employees to get vaccinated or else not be paid. 
The vaccine mandate went into effect days ago, but many are speaking out and saying they shouldn’t have to choose between their jobs or a vaccine. 
Gary Debiase says he is one of the thousands of FDNY members who are now on unpaid leave following the mandate for city workers to get a coronavirus vaccine shot. He and dozens of other New Yorkers and city employees stood outside City Hall, holding signs, as they protested against the mandate. 
Debiase says he’s been a firefighter for 23 years and if the current mandates stay in place, he’s prepared to retire. Some Department of Education staff has said the same thing. 
Officials say 92% of the entire city workforce has at least one dose of the vaccine shot, including 81% of the FDNY, 96% of the DOE, and 85% of the NYPD. 
De Blasio continues to double down on his mandate, saying since the mandate went into effect on Monday, more than 2,000 city employees have been vaccinated and he feels that number is only going to rise.